Notary Public

Uptown Notaries has had Notary Public professionals providing efficient and reliable legal services for over 28 years in Burnaby, Coquitlam, New Westminster and Port Moody. Uptown Notaries offers a full range of legal services and prepares documents that can then be notarized. If you live in Port Moody or the surrounding area and have a document to be notarized, give our experts a call at Uptown Notary Public.

Uptown Notaries is conveniently located just a short drive from Port Moody, up the North Road hill. We offer flexible appointments before and after normal operational hours to meet our clientsí needs. Alternately, as our schedules allow, we offer house calls in Port Moody with a Notary Public.

A document is notarized when a Notary Public authenticates a personís identification, witnesses the person signing the document and then uses their own signature to confirm that they witnessed the person signing the documents. The responsibility of the client is to verify the information in the document. The clientís signature signifies they are declaring that the information is accurate. Substantiating that the client understands what they are signing is also the responsibility of the Notary Public.



Notary Public Services for Port Moody

At Uptown Notary Public we provide the following legal notary public services for clients in Port Moody:
  • Notarizations
  • Manufactured Home Purchase and Sale


    Why are Documents Notarized?

    Documents are notarized to help prevent fraud and ensure appropriate execution. The Notary Public presides over the signing and insures that the documents are signed properly. Making sure that the people signing documents to be notarized are entering into the agreement knowingly and willingly is also a responsibility of the Notary Public.

    The following components must be included in a document in order to be notarized:
  • Text binding the signer in some way
  • An original signature of the signer, not a photocopy (when a signature is required)
  • A certificate stating authenticity which can be on the document or attached


    Why Choose Uptown Notaries?

    Our Notary Public experts provide efficient, personalized service and clear and helpful guidance in a relaxed, professional setting. Our team has been providing the highest standard of Notary Public service in Port Moody for over 28 years. We are comprised of knowledgeable hard-working individuals, many of whom have been in the legal industry for most of their working lives.

    If you have any questions about getting documents notarized or other Notary Public services, give Uptown Notaries a call, or schedule a free, no obligation consultation in Port Moody with a Notary Public.