Business Sale and Purchase Agreements

If you are planning to sell or buy a business you should consider the professional and cost effective Notary services offered by Uptown Notaries. An Uptown Notary can handle the details and paperwork for your business purchase and sales agreements to protect your interests when buying or selling a business. Notaries are fully qualified and a cost effective alternative for business sales and purchase agreements.


There are many factors that need to be considered when selling or purchasing a business. Business agreements also include asset purchase agreements and share purchase agreements. Before purchasing a business it is critical to do due diligence prior to finalizing the sale. Before selling a business it is wise to clean up any issues that may delay or impede the sale of your business. Every business and industry has different factors that influence the sales or purchase of a business.


An Uptown Notary Public can guide you through the steps to a successful business sale or purchase. We are located on the Burnaby-Coquitlam North Road border near the Lougheed Mall.  We also offer mobile Notary services and most of the agreement paperwork can be done by phone, email and-or online. Let Uptown Notaries protect your best interests when buying or selling your business.



Business Sale

 The last thing you need when selling a business is minor issues, or barriers to sale, that delay the sale process. For example: Your company business purchased, financed and paid off a truck, which is part of the business sale. You have told the buyer that the truck is free and clear. However, a search reveals the lender never released their interest in the truck so the truck appears to be encumbered. Obviously the lender forgot to officially release their interest in the truck. However, the buyer doesnít know this and it causes the sale to stall. It is details like this that Uptown Notaries can take care of so miner barriers to sale donít pop up in the final stages of your sales agreement.  


Mentioning to a perspective buyer you have a Notary Public who can take care of the paperwork, will speed up the sale of your business. This allows the buyer to focus on negotiations and actually finalizing the business sale agreement.



Business Purchase

 Purchasing part or all of a business can have a lot of long-term risks. Look before you leap is especially applicable when it comes to a business purchase. Proper due diligence eliminates or confirms whether you should even buy the business.


There are various searches that can confirm, or refute, what the seller is telling you about their business. Due diligence exposes warning signs that you may be buying a business that isnít doing as well as you have been told.  On the other hand, due diligence can verify you are buying what you think you are buying.


An Uptown Notary can walk you through a successful sale or purchase agreement, while protecting your best interests. If you are looking to sell or buy a business, give us a call, OR schedule a free phone consultation on business sale or purchase agreements .