Representation Agreements

Representation Agreements are documents that prepare individuals for the possibility of future incapacity. Uptown Notary Public experts prepare legal Representation Agreements in Burnaby, Coquitlam, New Westminster, Port Moody and the metro Vancouver area.

To choose who you would like to have making decisions on your behalf if you are ever unable, it is a good idea to have a Representation Agreement.

A Representation Agreement is similar to a Power of Attorney. The difference is a Power of Attorney gives authorization to make decisions concerning legal and financial matters, whereas health and medical issues are covered under Representation Agreements.

Why a Representation Agreement?

A Representation Agreement is an important legal document in British Columbia for advanced personal care planning. A representative, or multiple representatives, are appointed to make decisions regarding an individualís health and personal care in the event they are unable to communicate their own wishes.

A designated representativeís authority can cover different things depending on the content of the Representation Agreement.

  • Decisions regarding healthcare, personal care
  • Refusal or consent to life support treatment and care
  • Consent to less common medical procedures/treatment
  • Consent to treatment the Adult approved while capable, but since losing capacity has refused to consent
  • Deciding on living arrangements for the adult including choosing a care facility

Health care decisions can include major or minor issues, such as medications, tests, surgery, any procedure needing a general anaesthetic, dental and eye care, radiation and chemotherapy, dialysis and end-of-life comfort care. Personal care decisions can include things like living arrangements, diet, dress, exercise, activities, obtaining licenses and permits and personal safety issues.

Representation Agreements are used by adults who want to plan for the future to cover all health and personal care matters possible. At Uptown Notaries we can help you determine the appropriate capacity for specific representative(s).

Need a Representation Agreement?

Representation Agreements should be considered by any adult who wants to ensure that a specific person or persons are appointed to make decisions for them, especially if they have no spouse, or no spouse and no children. Also, if they have children but they are in conflict with one another, or would not be good decision makers, then they should also consider a Representation Agreement.

Uptown Notary Public professionals are ready to help you when you need us. That includes, a hospital visit if you are incapable of an office appointment.


If you have any questions about when, or how, to get a Representation Agreement, give Uptown Notaries a call, or schedule a free, no obligation .