Natalya Hanna, Notary Public, MA, Owner

Natalya took over Rose Miller’s Notary Public practice in 2018. Since then, Natalya took the business to the next level and has been serving returning and new clients for their real estate transactions and estate planning. In 2020 Natalya opened a second office in Langley where she meets clients from that area. Mother of 3 children, with the youngest being born in 2021, Natalya is actively involved in the day-to-day operations of her two offices.

Natalya’s story was featured by SFU as one of the successful graduates of MAALS program. View Story

When not in office, Natalya spends her time with her family and friends.


 Alesya Emelyanova, Real-Estate Conveyancer

Alesya’s friendly and pleasant approach with clients form her biggest assets. Alesya has a great attention to details and among her tasks making sure that all real estate transactions get registered at the Land Title Office. Alesya’s positive attitude makes her a big part of Uptown Notaries.


Sormeh Bavili , Reporting

Sormeh BaviliSormeh is your contact for final reporting documents, as well as communications with Banks and Lenders.


Anastasia Emelyanova, Banking

Anastasia EmelyanovaAnastasia will welcome you at our Burnaby office. She also ensures that daily banking transactions are done in time. Anastasia will be your contact for strata holdbacks releases.


Kate Dolynsky

Kate Dolynska

Kate is your first point of contact at Uptown Notaries when you reach us over the phone. She will direct you to the right person, and will ensure that all your questions are answered.