Conveyancing is the process of transferring, or conveying the ownership of a real estate property from one person to another. A conveyance transaction usually involves the purchaser and the seller of a property. Over the decades, Uptown Notaries has conveyed thousands of real estate properties for residents, investors, and business owners in Burnaby, Coquitlam, New Westminster, Port Moody and throughout Metro Vancouver. Uptown Notaries are committed to making the property transfer process as smooth and hassle-free as possible, while ensuring your interests are protected during the conveyancing.

In essence, the title of the property is conveyed from the seller or vendor, to the purchaser or buyer. Conveyancing with a Notary Public ensures the buyer secures title to the land together with all the rights that run with the land, and is notified of any restrictions in advance. If you are a Buyer, you may be reluctant to hand over hundreds of thousands of dollars on the hope that you will receive title to your new property. As a Seller, you might be apprehensive about signing a property transfer without the money in your hands. The fiduciary duty of a lawyer, or Notary Public, is to make sure that the Buyer and Seller are protected throughout the transaction conveyancing.



Our role as a Notary Public is to prepare and register all of the relevant property transfer paperwork, while ensuring all funds are transferred to the appropriate parties. Real Estate transactions and conveyancing are increasingly becoming more complex. It is normal to shop for price when you need conveyancing. However, buying or selling real estate involves large balance transactions. Uptown Notaries has extensive experience in real estate transactions and the pitfalls to avoid when conveyancing.

With real estate purchases, sales and family transfers we handle the following types of conveyancing:

  • Residential property (including mortgage or refinancing)
  • New construction purchase conveyancing
  • Assignments of real estate contracts
  • Drafting contracts for private real estate purchase transactions
  • Leasehold properties
  • Family Transfer conveyancing (including mortgage or refinancing)
  • Family Transfers conveyancing pursuant to Separation Agreements
  • Transfer and conveyancing to Surviving Joint Tenants
  • Transfer conveyancing to Executor or Administrator

Conveyancing Expertise

At Uptown Notaries, we will act on your behalf to facilitate smooth real estate transactions and conveyancing. You can rely on us to ensure your documents are signed for all of the transactions that are involved in a real estate transfer AND in the right order as required. Our extensive expertise in conveyancing and real estate transactions will ensure your property transactions are completed smoothly and on time. Give us a call or schedule a free consultation on real estate transactions and conveyancing.