Child Consent Letter to Travel

Uptown Notaries has experienced notary public professionals to prepare Child Consent Letters for Travel in Burnaby, Coquitlam, New Westminster, Port Moody and nearby cities. If your minor child is travelling abroad with only one parent, friends or relatives, or with a group, a form for the child’s permission to travel can help things go much smoother at borders and at the airport. With over 28 years of reliable legal services, Uptown Notaries is a trusted provider of Consent Letters for a child to travel.

Form for Child’s Permission to Travel

It is recommended that if only one parent/guardian is crossing any border into another country with a child under the age of consent, that they have a Consent Letter from the other parent giving permission to travel with the child abroad. It is even more critical if the child travels with friends or relatives and neither parent is there. If this is the case it is preferable to have both parent’s permission included in the consent letter.

Although a permission to travel notarized letter may not be a necessity within Canada, it could be requested by immigration authorities when arriving or departing from foreign countries or by officials when coming back to Canada. The consent letter establishes that the child has permission to travel out of the country from parents or guardians who are not with them.

A consent letter does not guarantee that a child will be permitted to travel across borders. Countries will have varying requirements for entry and exit, so it is a good idea to find out the specifics of each country your child will travel to beforehand.

Notary for Child’s Permission to Travel

A notary professional can advise you of any legal issues that may apply to you and your child’s situation, especially if you have a parenting agreement that has specific terms regarding international travel.

A Consent Letter is beneficial because it provides all the information needed for border officials to allow passage. It also demonstrates you took the time to get the required consents and signatures that could be confirmed by phone calls to the parents.

At Uptown Notaries we can advise you on what documentation you will need in your particular situation, prepare the Letter of Consent for your child, make sure all information is accurate and finally, witness, or notarize, all signatures on the form to make it official.

You will need the following information to complete a Consent to Travel Letter:
  • Name, address and passport information of the parent, or adult, the child will be travelling with
  • Dates of travel and a schedule, or place they will be staying
  • The child’s name, gender, date of birth, and passport number
  • Name and address of the parent/s giving consent for the minor to travel
  • A declaration by the non-travelling parent/s that grants full permission to the other parent or adult to travel with the child
  • If travelling with more than one child, there should be a separate letter for each
    Depending on your situation, you may also need a sole custody court order, adoption papers, or a death certificate if one parent is deceased.

    Uptown Notaries for Travel Consent Forms

    Reduce the stress of travelling and prevent unexpected and potentially costly delays with a quick trip to Uptown Notaries for your child’s Consent to Travel Letter.

    You can download a recommended Letter of Consent to Travel document here, fill it out, BUT don’t sign it yet – it must be signed in front of a Notary. Contact us, we can complete it at Uptown Notaries.

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