Deadline for Filing a Builders Lien in BC

Our BC lien calculator provides the legal expiry date, or deadline date, for filing a Builders Lien in BC. Builders Liens must be filed within 45 days of a project being completed, or abandoned. In BC, if a lien is not filed within the specified period of 45 days, you cannot file a Builders Lien.

An Uptown Notary Public can guide you through the lien filing process and ensure your Builders Lien is filed properly. Avoid missing a lien filing deadline with our Lien calculator.

There are usually four types of Builders Lien claimants: contractors, subcontractors, workers and suppliers. For general contractors the 45 days start once a Certificate of Completion has been issued. For other claimants it usually starts once they have completed or abandoned their work.

Other Builders Lien Factors

There is certain criteria that must be met in order to file a Builders Lien. If you have any doubts, or concerns, give us a call and we can answer any question you may have.

Please note that this lien date calculator should only be used as a guide to determine the deadline for when a Builders Lien needs to be filed by.