Builders Liens in BC

Uptown Notaries provides fast, efficient filing for Builders Liens in British Columbia at reasonable rates. Filing a Builders Lien in BC is a breeze with an Uptown Notary Public. A Builders Lien is a legal risk management tool that can protect your financial interests on a job site.  If you have provided work, services and-or materials to a job site that help to improve the land, you can file a Builders Lien.


A Builders Lien is usually filed in the event of non-payment.  Liens must be filed within a specific time period, which varies in each province. In Ontario a Builders Lien is called a Construction Lien. In BC there is a 45 day deadline for filing a Builders Lien.  Also in BC, filing a Builders Lien must be done by a qualified legal professional such as a lawyer or Notary Public. When a lien is registered it is filed against your customer and attached to the land title of the property where the work was completed.


An Uptown Notary can answer any questions and ensure your lien is filed promptly. The lien filing process can be done online and by phone and email.  Uptown offers mobile Notary services so the final step for your Builders Lien can be completed in the comfort of your own office.

Why Should I File a Builders Lien?

 Once a Builders Lien is registered against the land title it can delay the release of funds, sale or refinancing of the property. Make sure you receive payment prior to your Builders Lien rights expiring. Once your lien rights expire you cannot renew or extend your deadline.  A Builders Lien is valid for 1 year and expires unless legal action has been commenced. Increasing your odds of getting paid is the main reason behind filing a Builders Lien.

A Builders Lien is an effective method for applying pressure on a debtor to pay their bill. A Notice of Intention to Lien is also an effective tool that prompts the debtor to pay their bill and avoid the entire lien process. Many companies will send a Notice of Intention to Lien 15 days prior to the 45 day deadline date. A Notice of Intention to Lien from an Uptown Notary tells your debtor that you mean business and eliminates any doubt that you will actually follow through and file a Builders Lien.

Lien Filing Deadline in BC

 The 45 day deadline for filing a Builders Lien begins after your last day on site providing materials, services, labour, etc., or from the date the contract was abandoned. The lien deadline can also begin as of the date the Certificate of Completion is issued. To determine when your lien needs to be filed in British Columbia use our BC lien deadline calculator for Builders Liens.

An Uptown Notary Public can answer any questions you may have about filing a Builders Lien. Give Uptown Notaries a call, or schedule a free, no obligation consultation on filing a Builders Lien.