Notary Public Power of Attorney

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A Power of Attorney allows a capable adult (the principal) to legally appoint a person or persons (the agent or attorney-in-fact) to handle their financial and legal matters in the event they are unable to do so themselves or if they need assistance. A Power of Attorney legal document specifies whether these individuals can act separately or if they must act together. Because of the financial authority conveyed, it is critical that the principle trusts the appointed agent completely and fully understands what they are granting with the Power of Attorney.

Types of Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney can refer to the legal document or to the agent assigned. The document can authorize the agent to make decisions in specific situations or in all situations (health, home, business, personal property and financial accounts). As such there is more than one kind of Power of Attorney.

Types of Power of Attorney:
  • General Power of Attorney - allocates a specific person to manage all legal and financial affairs. Ceases when the principle becomes incapacitated, passes away, or revokes the Power of Attorney
  • Durable Power of Attorney - appoints another person to perform legally on the principal’s behalf and if the principal becomes incapacitated for any reason maintains the Power of Attorney
  • Specific or Limited Power of Attorney - set up to handle a specific matter (for example, buying or selling a home)
  • Springing Durable Power of Attorney – established in case of a future development (if you are incapacitated for any reason)

When Power of Attorney is Needed

A Power of Attorney is generally utilized in the event of the principle’s disability or illness. Being out of the country for an extended time can also be a good time to acquire a Power of Attorney.

A Power of Attorney is a simple and inexpensive means to plan for the future and to choose someone you trust to help you with your legal, financial and medical decisions. It is prudent to see a notary public for the preparation of legal documents and witnessing signatures on Power of Attorney documents.

Power of Attorney should be arranged before you lose mental capacity or the court will appoint someone to be your agent. It is best to discuss future choices with those you love during happy, healthy times so they understand your wishes should they ever have to make legal decisions for you. It is also wise to also assign a successor agent, in case the agent you initially chose cannot serve in that capacity when needed.

Uptown Notaries for Power of Attorney

Assigning a Power of Attorney does not deprive you of control of your personal and legal affairs. It is a safety, or contingency, document to be used only when needed.

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