Notary Public

For over 28 years, Uptown Notary Public has provided many quality, affordable, legal services, including Notary Public mobile services, in Burnaby, New Westminster and the Tri Cities. Our professionals offer before and after hour and onsite mobile appointments at your home, office, etc. to adapt to your busy schedule. If you reside in the Tri Cities area and are in need of a fully qualified, licenced, and insured Notary, give us a call at Uptown Notary Public.

Notary Public Services for the Tri Cities

Whether in our office, or with our convenient mobile service, Uptown Notaries provides the Tri Cities with the following legal services of a Notary Public:


Notarizing Documents with a Notary Public

A Notary Publicís main responsibility is to scrutinize the signers of legal documents (property deeds, wills, powers of attorney etc.) for their true identity. A Notary must also be sure the signers are signing without duress or coercion and that they understand the contents of all documents and transactions.

Notarizing a document is generally a simple process. Bring your document to the Notary Public (or have it ready on location if you are using our mobile service) who confirms your identity and then observes the document being signed.

There are things you can do to make the procedure go more smoothly with your Notary Public:
  • Make sure all documents are presentable and easy to read
  • Fill in as much of the document as you can before your appointment, not including the signature
  • Have current, acceptable photo ID
  • Be sure all signers are present. You can have signatures notarized separately, but is simpler and less costly to have all sign at once
  • Do NOT sign any documents before your appointment as they must be signed in the presence of the Notary Public


Uptown Notary Public

At Uptown Notaries, our objective is to provide the people of the Tri Cities with a full range of reliable and top quality Notary Public services at reasonable rates.

If you have any questions about our Notary Public or mobile services for the Tri Cities, give us a call, or schedule a free, no obligation consultation with our Notary Public.