Notary Public in Burnaby uptown notaries

Are you looking for a notary public in Burnaby? Whether it is for a one-time transaction or ongoing business, you will want to choose a professional that suits your specific needs. But with so many in the industry, finding the best candidate can be a challenge. To help narrow down your search, here are the top things to consider when choosing a Notary in Burnaby.

An Experienced Notary

You wouldn’t trust your documents to just anyone, right? If you are buying or selling real estate and need conveyancing, signing over a power of attorney, or finalizing a will, you will need the help of an experienced notary public to ensure the process runs smoothly and legally.

Here at Uptown Notaries, you can feel secure knowing your documents are in the best hands in the business. Our team of notary specialists has been providing unmatched services in Burnaby for over 65 years.

Wide range of services

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have all your notary services answered with just one call? Don’t waste your valuable time and effort endlessly searching for multiple notaries if you don’t have to.
The team at Uptown Notaries is pleased to offer all our clients a wide range of important services, from property transfers and powers of attorney to affidavits and real estate purchases and sales.


You lead a busy lifestyle. You simply don’t have the time to travel across the Lower Mainland to get to your notary public. When it comes to choosing the right candidate, make sure to factor in location.
We are conveniently located on North Road in Burnaby, close to Coquitlam and New Westminster with free parking available. We also have flexible hours to meet your needs. And if your schedule is preventing you from dropping by our office, we can arrange to have one of our notaries meet you at your location.

Communication and custom care

Communication is key when finding the right notary public services in Burnaby. If you can’t reach your notary when you need them the most, take your business elsewhere.
Our notary public professionals understand the importance of open communication. We pride ourselves on our dedication to customer care, ensuring our team is always available to you. When you need a notary public, Uptown Notaries is just a phone call away.

Not all notary public services are created equal. Doing a little research will go a long way to helping you find the right professional that will meet your needs.

For quality notary public services in Burnaby, contact Uptown Notaries today!