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Uptown Notaries provides the highest standard of legal Notary Public services in the Coquitlam, Burnaby, Port Moody and New Westminster areas. Uptown Notaries includes mobile Notary Public services for clients who are unable to travel for an office visit. If you are located in or around the vicinity of New Westminster and looking for Notary services, give our professionals a call at Uptown Notary Public.

Our Notary Public experts must meet with parties in person to notarize signatures. Some people may not be able to get to our office to meet with one of our Notaries. There can also be a large group of people needing to sign documents, making it difficult for everyone to meet in one place. Uptown Notaries can organize a place and time in New Westminster or the surrounding areas where the client, or clients, can take advantage of our convenient mobile Notary Public services.

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Notary Public Services for New Westminster

At Uptown Notary Public we have legal and mobile Notary Public services for New Westminster :

Why Notarize a Document?

Documents are not actually notarized. It is the signatures on the documents that are notarized or verified. A Notary Public is an impartial witness that authenticates signatures to guard against impostors, as the notarization is mainly used to prevent fraud. It is also the Notary Public’s duty to make sure the person signing has a thorough understanding of the document being signed and is signing of their own free will. The signer and the intention of the document are both safeguarded when a document is notarized by a Notary Public.

Uptown Notaries for Quality Notary Services

At Uptown Notaries we can help you prepare many types of legal and non-legal documents. Whatever your Notary needs may be, whether you are buying or selling your home, refinancing, estate planning, sponsorship letters, etc., get professional and personalized attention in a stress free environment with Uptown Notary Public.

If you have any questions about our legal or mobile Notary Public services, give us a call at Uptown Notaries, or schedule a free, no obligation consultation in New Westminster with a Notary Public.

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